Falling Without A Parachute


Tonight as my pen cries with ink

Along with this heart that refuses to speak

These eyes, since you left, never slept

You’re in my mind – and it’s thinking way too deep


We talk without sound, not even a whisper

Your voice was unheard of

Yet a sweet thing to think of

As I lay here and hear your emotions thunder


It was not for me to receive

Nor am I worthy of your kindest glance

After all it was him whom you chose to believe in

And I hate that I don’t stand a chance


It led me to find what’s good in me

As the voice in my head replies, “What a pity.”

I have nothing, no one but myself

Whose love is not enough to maintain the sanity in this head


I just want someone to care

And I wanted it to be you and no one else

If approved by fate, I’ll be undeniably happy

For someone finally start to notice me


Sometimes, I tend to create illusions

But not dreams that are possible

I am grasping for every solution

On how to make you look through me – my greatest delusion


I won’t say goodbye

I can’t say it’s the end

I’ve prepared a lot of surprise

It’s a stand I want to defend


Before the day ends, I have a wish

Stay with me, even just in my dreams

For tonight, I want to hold your hand

Hug you under the moon, dance with the stars

And the galaxies are the witness

As I confess

And gently give your forehead a kiss.


About Placido Penitente

I am what I write and I write to live. I am an Epiphany. A part of my consciousness travels endlessly around the universe...and inside the halls of your mind. Nothing personal. A part-time sociopath. Male. Republic of the Philippines. College student. Literature Major. View all posts by Placido Penitente

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