To whom it may concern

Fabrication only lies when I look into those eyes. The way it fascinates me is in such at an exemplary level to marvel upon my own thoughts and stir it by yours. Even so, it compels me to abandon clarity and face the unknown emotions filed up with every single feature you resonate. The vibrant colors you possess marches in a way that it keeps me from hanging on for nothing. Just observing Nature’s organic wonder embellished in your name that captures the beauty so unique yet far from my reach.

You leave a trail of amazement that I consume yet turning my excitement to grief. There were too many people that see you for who you are, yet I can compare it from what I see. From who you are to me, and it’s what matters most because you were with me everytime a broken clock tells the correct time twice a day. What I could make of you without limits and it’s already on process. I am immortalizing you through words and I wish you’d appreciate that.

For a story told in verses and paragraphs, of death and rebirth, of beauty and madness, of loneliness and hopelessness, to visit the good despite my suffering from lack of spoken words only to be filled by an imaginary cowardly voice, that speaks of nonesense for all people except you. And this is for you alone.

A work of terrible fiction based from my experience. So I must apologize for every wrong choice of words and for every unbelievable nightmares this could possess in order to amplify the things I feel.

In other words, where you are, even every night where you sleep. Lying on your bed in between those warm sheets, I exist. Through memories of indirectness and whines. I want to be as discreet as I can be until we see each other face to face. And this written work shall serve as the bidding for every night, to watch you sleep, remove your fears and wipe away all of your tears to sing you a lullaby and kiss you good night.


About Placido Penitente

I am what I write and I write to live. I am an Epiphany. A part of my consciousness travels endlessly around the universe...and inside the halls of your mind. Nothing personal. A part-time sociopath. Male. Republic of the Philippines. College student. Literature Major. View all posts by Placido Penitente

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