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Receding In A Negative Narrative

It’s not the time to seek refuge

to the fulfilling peace brought by razors

and delicately harness the pain from my thoughts

until I cry out your name in anguished voice.


The words are cutting deep

to my chest and the heavens felt

how pathetic my state have become

yet you’re an angel surrounding me

inside this hole of uncertainty.


My life is hanging on a balance to support

the weight you’re placing on one side

as those feelings weigh a ton

and I spring upwards to the sky

and fell down with scraped knees and broken bones.


But I wrote this piece in cheap words

to better exemplify the pain

along with the sound of the rain

and its waters running along to the path of your name.

And it’s not easy to see

how everything I feel could be

resonating inside your head

and realize how drastic I could get.


But I keep hoping that I’d see you again

and if the seraphs forbid, you would sweetly look into my eyes

and slowly melt the thing I held close to my limbs

and quickly look away after seeing my deluded dreams

and I would never utter a word.

I’ll walk past by knowing that

second glances don’t mean anymore

unless that it’s something that I am yearning for

such as that of those pair of eyes you own imbued with glamour.


You could have me as I am.

As of someone that would be there to understand

and I may not have anything that most men have in common

but I’m always be here for a shoulder to lean on.

How I can always be an open novel

that you could rip and tear its pages

that doesn’t care if you broke its spine–

or have its cover resigned

along with the title that is screaming of more than just words

passing meaningless to your course–

that could be sold in a cheap price on a store

and leave me for someone that deserves you more

as to how a child replaces his toys, outgrowing them of bore.


These dying words shall tell you how I keep struggling

to keep pacing with the signs you’re making

visible to my heart’s blind eyes

impaired by the night’s confusing lights

that once led me to your presence

and turn me to this monster’s statement of defense

as a story no one could ever understand

and possibly the last thing I could say

before I start to let go of your hand,

because the music never stops from making you sway

from the melodies only you know how to play.

But I’ll keep listening to the pattern of the tone

and mess with the chords

and compose my own

and sing to you the madness

you won’t forget to ask me how to perform.


Amidst of all these pain, I’ll stay

even I’ll live with a life, forever feeling gray

of these things that are purely inside my mind

won’t cease to manifest as you crawl back and forth in this head

that could shatter almost everything that I own

because I am used in to being torn

and after all, I’m just a lost boy

with scraped knees and broken bones.


Pale Lips and Empty Eyes


Darkness falls.

Sanity is slowly slipping from my hands now.


I set through the night

A knife between my lips

His room three storeys above

My hands trembling with fear


As I take each step to his door

Silently, I walk into his room

I sat, watching him sleeping

Knife shines beneath the moonlight

Slowly I approach

Grab his neck

He wakes

Screams. Struggles

As I gently slit his throat

Cries. Agony

His poor wretched heart

is now filled with holes of black


My hands savoring the blood

dripping to my hands

As I drop him on his bloodstained bed

His eyes beg for mercy

Tears of anguish

Looking at me

how I lick my knife with satisfaction

and left his lifeless body

slumped on the sheets


I could bathe in blood if I wanted to

If I needed to

If I carve his face out

Wear it as mine

Would you love me too?

Would you feel the same way

knowing it’s me behind that face

everytime I’m around?

Or would you rather die

along with him by your side

with your death by my hands?


I know I can.

I am mad enough to kill

as you did to me

For every word I see

coming from you.

You are not responsible of what has become of me.

I blame you for nothinng.

I would even kiss you even if you’re dead.


Are you ready to die?