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I see it being built, in the eyes in a mirror

reflecting the house inside made by bricks,

woods, and stones replaced by

the fires of guilt. Caught in the echo

of the phrase remained unsaid,

keeping me trapped inside the burning

house that was never a home.


Now the ashes are falling

and the the fire lines began to recede

as the rain starts to pour, washing away

the mess and turning it to a solid slate

of rock that I threw on the lake, disturbing

the calm waters, forming ripples that gradually

elevated itself from the shore, rising in itself a wave

of revenge upon the instigator.



by wires of the thoughts like threads of silk

spindled and shaped that of a spider’s web

leaving me suspended on the ground of the

forsaken, forgotten and free. My skin

touches the angry waters like a breeze

of the wind. Weightless and unmoving

and I realized it is the water that I am breathing.


Let out the light of obscurity against my skin,

constantly covering me as a comfort, a cushion,

a solace of embracing silence. 


Trade Mistakes

My mind is running on Limbo.

This day is dull, yet it’s bright. It’s like I’m living a life covered in fog. I know something is wrong but my vision is blurred by something I cannot fully comprehend. The time is still, yet the hands of the clock move and I can hear it’s annoying ticking sound every second as if it’s mocking me. As if I can hear time laughing at me, looking at me directly in the face trying to make sense of what is happening around me. Then, I’ll realize that the time I spent thinking was wasted because I’ll come out with nothing. Not even a trace of reason behind this gray feeling when you just want life to pass by and stare at the strands of time that passes every minute.

I feel like I’ve been too ahead of time the past week and all that is left for me to do at this moment is absolutely nothing. It’s as if I already used my time for this week in the past week, yet I always feel like I have to do more things than the allocated time for a day. I need more time and I’m being impatient. Yes. That may be it.

I’m rushing things and I know I shouldn’t. We can’t buy more time in our lives so I feel like rushing it. I want to do more things than this life has to offer. I want to learn more but reality hits me hard when death proudly presents itself in my mind.

Everyone says that everything comes at the right time so I almost always spend my time thinking when in the near future could possibly be that right time to exist. And there it goes. I keep missing it.

Thinking too much isn’t helping either. I don’t like being limited so I always push towards the boundaries and it has been a habit I cannot undo.

Being too much ahead of everything isn’t something I should keep on doing. And now is the time to do things right.

Blend in the society while weaving the world into words and create influence. There’s always a room for a change because Time is never still.