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Air & Water

The misdirection came to life

with ourselves living between the line

and it has been so clear since then,

it’s what divides us and struggle to be whole again.


We fall with every mistakes

feeding the disturbance away.

Accompanying loneliness

with imaginary friends of the past

with the disease of the old

and hearts tearing apart.


We build a ship and sail away from them

to live in solace and seek happiness.

But the waves aren’t calm.


And the breeze has been turning to storms.

The sky is raging and so is the sea.


The mast has broken

and waters start pouring in.


The ship is dancing

on angry waves and winds

and the surge drives us away

to the sight of isolation

of nothing but skies and seas.

Of cloudy weather and broken wings.


And the disaster has stopped.

The calm is consuming.

Finding a way back to the shore.

Lost in a world we never knew.


Calm Before the Storm

It starts in the dark, of impending light

to the feet of the waves and the calm of the wind

until the birds from the sky crossed out on the free-willing seas

conserving the haze of an inclement beast.


Then let out a smoke from the flames, we’re breathing in fires

destroying our homes with our deepest desires.

The smokes creating a form of a still-eyed lion

holding a stare to its prey and a move will trigger a riot.


From the tongues of the liars and the words of the kings

we’re wading above the waters of the truth that they bring

when in fact our minds were tamed by their horses,

sending our hopes to their homes and drilling them with fear.


Ignorance played its best going far,

through the caves of people’s wooden guitars.

Crawled out to their insights leaving the doors ajar

that led to the death of the family’s slumber under the stars.


An army of ideas are marching in

following the rules of the kingdom then breaking in

and splitting the walls with their bare-footed kicks

leading the coward king retreat to their anchored ships.


Dropping their armors that leave the mark

of steaming eyes hungry from the dark.