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The Riddle of Smiles

2:30am The clock is ticking and I can’t seem to find sleep.

I am not even sure if I want to sleep. My thoughts are racing like snow avalanche. As my eyes dart to an object to another, the train of thought embraces a sudden stop and the force it left blew the remaining ideas away like a shockwave.

Now I am left alone again where I was but always will be.

I stood up and looked at the mirror. It feels strange. I always think that somehow, I forget what I look like. It is not vanity what I feel everytime I catch myself looking at my face in the mirror but mystery because that person who’s looking at me right now does not tell me anything much about himself. He’s hiding something.

The face in the mirror smiled.

I touched my lips. It’s doing the same thing. I wonder what caused this involuntary movement.

Positivity doesn’t exist at this moment. The mere silence of the atmosphere is what binds me to the absence of time where sleep is forbidden.

Yet I hear it…the ticking of the clock.

I grabbed my pen and paper and started writing my fantasy.

Then, I felt it.

As the ink touches the parchment, I saw a place inside my head where birds sing in the meadows and the sun is brightly lit up the sky giving warmth to the grass and trees as the flowers sway to the cool summer breeze.

My vision flew past the soothing sight and I found myself sitting by the edge of the cliff, overlooking the calming sea. The current drags the waves to the rocks beneath me and then, I saw it. I saw Peace. The only thing that never sleeps. Forgotten along the beauty of the waves bringing itself back and forth to the land but it can’t.

It’s helplessness brought me to my knees and peered down the tiny piece of land I am holding to. I want to let it consume the earth. Own the lands. Then the soil beneath me began to crumble.

The cliff lowered itself to a shore and I found myself kneeling on wet soil and grass.

It didn’t stopped.

I ran back to the meadow. The land continued to descend, bringing along all what’s in it. A flood is coming. The sea is swallowing the land. The waves are after me. The flowers disappeared. The birds took refuge to the sky and they all watch me as I stop myself from jumping off on the other side of the land. Death awaits me forty feet high above the waters.

I looked back and watch how Peace brought it’s wrath upon the land as I ready myself to take flight below the sky of the seas.


Falling Without A Parachute


Tonight as my pen cries with ink

Along with this heart that refuses to speak

These eyes, since you left, never slept

You’re in my mind – and it’s thinking way too deep


We talk without sound, not even a whisper

Your voice was unheard of

Yet a sweet thing to think of

As I lay here and hear your emotions thunder


It was not for me to receive

Nor am I worthy of your kindest glance

After all it was him whom you chose to believe in

And I hate that I don’t stand a chance


It led me to find what’s good in me

As the voice in my head replies, “What a pity.”

I have nothing, no one but myself

Whose love is not enough to maintain the sanity in this head


I just want someone to care

And I wanted it to be you and no one else

If approved by fate, I’ll be undeniably happy

For someone finally start to notice me


Sometimes, I tend to create illusions

But not dreams that are possible

I am grasping for every solution

On how to make you look through me – my greatest delusion


I won’t say goodbye

I can’t say it’s the end

I’ve prepared a lot of surprise

It’s a stand I want to defend


Before the day ends, I have a wish

Stay with me, even just in my dreams

For tonight, I want to hold your hand

Hug you under the moon, dance with the stars

And the galaxies are the witness

As I confess

And gently give your forehead a kiss.