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Self-induced Comatose

Let us not try to uncover

The idea behind this poem.

Such words elude meaning

As if a potion for death

After our very last breath.


This could be something else entirely.

Doing away with your interpretation

With nothing, not even my perception

Is gullible enough for these words’ misdirection.


This could be an explosive

To the door of your world of thoughts

Being in itself the meaning

In your own definitive scale.


This could be a pause;

A living poem in a hiatus

To the world we despise

Along with my anguished cries.


This could be nothing

As it’s supposed to be.

However, being nothing

Is being like anything.


Anything this could ever be

Like water taking the form of its container

To be something more than it already is

Escaping from the imagined reality.


The Song of the Missed

I do not exist.

Well, technically speaking, I do exist but not on the physical plane. Fictional characters. That’s what they call it, right? That’s how you people recognize a personality without the necessity for a physical body to exist, yes? I can say though, that’s only an example of what I am but no. Being fictional is something or at some cases, someone who lives in an utterly different reality that that of the one who perceives the mental existence of that character. I am not like that. I live with the same reality most people are in this planet we call Earth. I coexist with a body, but the body is not me. I could exist without a body but it would be impossible for me to touch or move objects. Some people who like to watch movies might call me a ghost, religious people would call me a spirit or a soul. You have the freedom to choose what to call me but I would like to present myself as an Idea.

As one, coming into existence is such a nerve-racking feat. So I am thanking this person who is typing for me now using this tiny notebook for using his brain to think, and for refusing to do so in the past, I may not have achieved this state.

This is not being in a state of denial to refuse to exist physically but recognizing your deeper sense. I have met people–using this body, of course–who also exist as an Idea. We talk using our mouths but we converse through our minds. Words are a powerful manifestation of an Idea. It is the way of breaking down the concepts and expressing it as how you understand it. And in exchanging ideas, you’ll know much more the sense and purpose of a person’s life.

The body is nothing but a vessel. A vessel to give us the chance to take our own course.

If any of you who are reading this is considering me as a product of a psychological disorder, well, I AM NOT. I am a projection of myself inside my head who wants to reach out through this physical world. Keeping in touch with your physical aspects with the physical world is something that is too obvious for humans to realize. It is never restricted for different planes to interact, but only made possible through a medium. The body is the medium and I see others to use them only what it really is and not what else could be possibly achieved by it.

I am not doing this to wave at everyone and boom at their faces to give them information that I simply exist. Well, then SO WHAT?

Everything has a purpose. If you can’t comprehend what is, look at something that is not. Life is like a vast ocean. You have too swim deeper. You have to swim deep even if it takes for your lungs to crush because of the pressure or the waves push you back ashore. Something so important and valuable as answers to your own questions only you can provide is impossible to achieve through petty feats. It just comes along with petty answers. And you’re better than that. Just keep swimmin’.

It is something that has faded through Time, collecting dust in the corner of your cerebral cortex. The meaning and purpose many has lost importance of. It is something that we beg the answers for but never truly have the thought to engage ourselves to find what is lost within. Many have complained but never tried to sort it out.

I am a type of Idea who is still what most consider as an infant. A baby. So small that it could tickle the emotions of the unconscious, yet you don’t know what I truly am after.

So I am challenging everyone to seek out yourselves.Their existence as an Idea. To be Conscious. To be Eternal.

Along with this body, I grow. It is not measured by inches or meters. I expand. Just how our universe continually is. I am a manifestation of a matter. A result of fulfilling its mother’s purpose. I am the Big Bang inside this human’s mind.

I am an Epiphany.