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In The Eyes of Another

Another truthful gaze, he started to raise

The questions in his head while I look him in the face.

He blabbered words, lines that I can’t make sense

Watching him leaving this reality’s pretense.


With an outcry, his thoughts set the world on fire.

Of the universe, he felt them all conspire,

Against him, against everyone else.

Seeing them all light up and burn to themselves.


He left the rage and watch him stand up,

Took him a seat and brought him a cup,

Of water with ice on the sides

As he stare at me with those beady eyes.



I just realized I was taken to a dream

A madman’s fantasy heating with steam,

A reality entirely different from my own,

Something I know of, forgotten, engraved in stone.


After he’s done, he started to lean closer,

To my ear as if anyone will dare to come nearer,

And hear him speak as he dropped the tone,

He threw the cup to the mirror, it broke and I am alone.



Nobody understands.

Everyday in his life are memories etched in every self-inflicted scars where the it wants it to be.

“It feeds with pain,” he says “So let them indulge upon me. I am their master.”

Years passed and he is tired of crying anymore. He is too damaged to cry. Now, it only seems that pain has abandoned him. Numb from grief of everyday’s fucked-up disorder. A mouth sealed shut, not wanting to be wrong, nor be heard for he himself was a terrible mistake the world has to offer. A rock sitting by the pavement. Invisible, behind those smiles. Eyes longing for attention and understanding. Yet, he sits by his bedroom window, looking at the constellations and counting his dead dreams and for another time, he takes again the razors and proceed to let himself feel again. To feel in the midst of numbness. To show these four walls how he struggles to survive in this world he cannot comprehend.

Loneliness has cast a void upon him. A hole that can never be filled. A bottomless pit. It is the place of solace where time does not exist. Just another abstraction of nature that consumes insanity.

Dreams are the only thing that keeps him going. As a small being in this world, he knows, he can make a change. He can change. He had fallen countless of times. Hit the ground with bloody forehead and lips. His wrists trailing with crimson ink.

He caught a drip of blood with his fingers and wrote on the walls of his mind,

“This madness too shall cease and will forever be buried under the depths of my consciousness. I know this all too shall pass and when the time comes, I will be ready to break this walls and shout to the world how I could turn this planet on the tips of my fingers and hold it against the galaxies to show how a little trash could be an asset to this reality. I have lived and will continue living for tomorrow. I have broken the chains that binds me to this rotting Hell.”

As he wrote the last words, the space has begun to crumble, falling under the vast void surrounding him. He stood on an empty space, where he is among the stars of the universe and its alluring beauty. So he started to make what has become.

Because perception is everything.